Actio Grid Terms and Conditions for organisations that use our service


Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they set out the rules for how organisations ("organisations that use our services", "you") can use Actio Grid Limited's ("us", "we" or "the service") services. The service is known as "Actio Grid".

We are an online service that is used by, but independent from, other organisations in order to manage the Actio Grid challenge. The service is known as "Actio Grid".

Actio Grid is used as as part of another organisation ("organisations that use our services", "you"). Actio Grid is independent from the organisations that use our services.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions please contact us at

Last update 15-JUL-22. We may change these terms and conditions periodically by updating this page. When we do this we will update this date and email active licence holders.

What is covered by this document and what is not?

This document focus on the rules that organisations using our services must follow.

This document does not cover how we use your data; this is covered in our Privacy Policy.

This document does not cover the terms and conditions for end users; this is covered in our Terms and Conditions.

Active Licence Policy

You may only run competitions, send emails or encourage users to sign up Actio Grid while you have an active licence. A paid invoice issued by us, outlining the time period it is valid, constitutes an active licence.

You must follow all conditions laid out in your licence. In case of contradictions, conditions laid out in your licence supersede the conditions presented here.

Software provided as a service, not available for self hosting or local install.

Expired Licence Policy

Once your licence has expired we will keep a record of your account data for up to 3 months. If your licence is renewed during this time your data will be retained.

During this time you may still log in to see the existing data.

After this we reserve the right to delete all data, including data on all past competitions.

Email Policy

Actio Grid allows you to send emails. You must only send emails which are consistent with the purpose of the email service in use.

We allow only the following types of email.
  • Promotional emails: These emails are intended to promote upcoming competitions within your organisation on Actio Grid. You must not use these emails to promote any services offered by you, or anybody else, that are unrelated to Actio Grid.
  • Competition update emails: These emails are intended to provide updates to competitors as the contest progresses. You must not use these emails to promote other contests, or services that are unrelated to the competition.

Please note, emails are only sent to users who have actively signed up to receive each type of email. This means you cannot necessarily email all users of your organisation or competition.

You may only send a reasonable number of emails.

  • Promotional emails: You may send at most two notices per upcoming competition, and these emails must be at least one week apart.
  • Competition update emails: You may send no more than one email per day of the competition. However, sending an email every day is also excessive, but we leave the exact frequency up to you. You may send at most two emails after the end of the contest, and no later than three weeks after the end of the competition.
  • In addition to the above limits, you may send one additional correction email to rectify a material mistake in a sent email. Minor or immaterial mistakes should not be corrected. You must proof read your emails carefully before sending to limit the need to do this.
  • Actio Grid may amend these limits, introduce total volume limits or specify additional charges for large volumes; unless otherwise stated in the licence.

Emails must be respectful and polite.

Actio Grid cannot guarantee the delivery of all emails.

Actio Grid may restrict the email service if emails sent by the organisation are found to be harmful to the reputation of Actio Grid, as this may endanger the deliverability of other emails sent by Actio Grid.

Actio Grid will not share the email addresses of competitors with you (except when including you in response to a query raised by them).

Target User Policy

Actio Grid expects the majority of the competitors be affiliated with the licenced organisation. This means organisations should not host competitions for other organisations on their licence. However, it is acceptable to interpret community of the organisation broadly. For example it is acceptable to include customers, members of sub-organisations, members of businesses which are physically hosted within the broader organisation, those in the household/cohabiting with the aforementioned and anyone else who could reasonably be considered to be part of the "community" of the organisation.

Organisations can run targeted competitions for certain sub-communities within the organisation, but these sub-communities may not be based on any protected characteristic (including but not limited to sex, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities etc). Acceptable sub-communities could include, but are not limited to, students-only, staff-only, department-specific, residency-specific, location-specific etc.

Join Link Security Policy

Organisations that use our services are responsible for managing the distribution of join links to the system. Join links should not posted on a publicly accessible webpage. Join links could be posted on a secure internal web page, or the organisation may chose to send links directly to interested participants. The organisation must take into account the demographics of the organisations users when deciding how to distribute join links; in particular special care is required if your competitions include children.


Actio Grid is not able to verify the legitimacy of any activity, and competitors are expected to participate in good faith. Actio Grid is not liable for any misuse of the system.

Bonus Policy

Organisations that use our services are responsible for awarding of bonus points. Bonuses must be awarded timely, fairly and using clear and objective criteria (such that every user can understand whether they are eligible for the bonus and what they must to do achieve the bonus).

Prizes Policy

Actio Grid does not award prizes. Organisations that use our services are responsible for awarding of any prizes and verifying the eligibility of the winners. Prizes must be awarded timely, fairly and using clear and objective criteria (such that every user can understand whether they are eligible for the prize).

Downtime Policy

Actio Grid reserves the right to make updates and improvements to the system at any time. This may lead to short periods of downtime whilst these updates are deployed (typically a couple of minutes).

Support Policy

Actio Grid will provide technical support to the competition managers of organisations that user our services.

Actio Grid will provide reasonable end-user support to assist with technical queries of the competitors. However, organisations that use our services are expected to be the first point of contact with competitors and provide the first level of support, particularly for routine enquiries. Any queries that cannot be answered by the organisation can be referred to Actio Grid.

Services offered

The external connected accounts offered are subject to change. The range of activities may be adjusted or expanded over time.