Terms and Conditions for using Actio Grid


Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they set out the rules for how YOU can use Actio Grid Limited's ("us" "we" or “the service”) services.

We are an online service that is used by, but independent from, organisations in order to manage the Actio Grid challenge. The service is known as “Actio Grid”.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement please contact us at info@actiogrid.com.

Privacy and Data use

This document focus on the rules you must follow. This document does not cover how we use your data. This is covered in our Privacy Policy.

Connected accounts

We collect activity data from third party sources. You can register through Actio Grid for these providers to automatically provide us with activity data. We call the accounts you have registered with us connected accounts.

We currently support Fitbit, Garmin, Under Armour and Strava, although the connected accounts we provide may change at any time.

You must only connect accounts you have permission to use, and that represents data about you only.

Account Policy

You must not have more than one Actio Grid account. Accounts are portable between organisations, subject to meeting the conditions of joining each organisation.

You must be at least 13 years old to use Actio Grid.

If you are 16 and under you must have the consent of a parental or guardian to use Actio Grid.

Actio Grid may seek to confirm such consent is granted, but is not obligated to do so.

Ethical User Policy

You may only join the Actio Grid instance for organisations you have been legitimately authorised to join.

You may not attempt to join any instance by guessing an access code. All access codes must be provided directly by competition managers as part of your organisation. You must not share access codes with any person, even if you believe they should be allowed to join (you should direct that person to contact the competition managers).

You are not authorised to republish any data, statistics or results, or the activities of any user obtained through Actio Grid services, or share them with anybody else through any means.

You are not authorised to attempt to break security features of Actio Grid or gain any access to any data which does not arise through the intended use of the system. We do not offer a bug bounty program. If you come across a security flaw as a result of legitimate use of the system you must inform info@actiogrid.com immediately and must not retain any data. Delaying the reporting of such instances will be treated with suspicion that the security breach was malicious and means that the bug remains unfixed for longer.

Real Name Policy

We ask you to use a real name.

This should be a name that is commonly associated with you in the real world, that members of your organisations will recognise as you.

A real name is often the same, or similar, to your legal name. However, it need not be, in particular if you have a legitimate interest to keep your legal name private. You should however use a name that you commonly go by in such situations.

You must not use an internet alias or 'username'.

This helps keep our competitions friendly, fair and transparent. We may consult with your organisation's representative, or the profile information from your connected accounts to ensure this policy is adhered to.

Real Activities Policy

You must only submit activities you have completed.

Submitting fake, false or exaggerated activities ruins the fun for everyone. Such activities and their users may be removed from the systems.

Legal Activities Policy

You must only take part in, and submit activities that are legal in your jurisdiction.

All activities must be completed in line with relevant COVID-19 regulations and laws in your jurisdiction.

You must not break the law whilst completing your activities, including trespassing or making use of facilities you do not have permission to use.

Such activities and their users may be removed from the systems.

Removal of Data Policy

We may reject or remove any activity in our system for any reason, at any time and without warning or notice.

We may reject or remove any user in our system for any reason, at any time and without warning or notice.